Friday Confessional


I confess...
I have felt like a pile of rat doo this week. And I'm not a nice person when I'm sick.

I confess...
If you say you're going to do the dishes, and 3 days later you still haven't, and yet you yell at me for doing them, I think I have the right to do them anyway. 
Because I have a right to a nice, clean kitchen regardless of whether you feel guilty over making false promises.

I confess...
I am in a pickle about social networking sharing. I bitch about being too poor to go to the clinic, because I just need to bitch about this situation.

My friend responds by trying to PayPal me the money to go.

I feel guilty, and embarrassed, and ashamed, so I reject the money.

It's not that I don't value your empathy, it's that I don't feel right taking money from someone. I'm a lender in life, not a borrower.

I confess...
I have not been to the doctor. 
Because I have been sick a lot in the past 10 years.
And the same thing always happens:

I go.

They tell me it's viral, go home, and wait it out.

I pay the bill.

I feel embittered for going in the first place when I knew they would say that.

I confess...
WebMD is not helping in this case.

I confess...
I want my mom to be here, coddling me and doing that mom thing where she knows just how to make me feel better. 

I know that makes me some sort of pansy, since I'm 29 and living my own life. 

But sometimes, I just want to be able to be the child version of me, and have someone take care of me for a day or two.

I confess...
I'm also feeling ripped off. Doppler said we'd get 2-6" of snow on Wednesday and 2-3" of snow on Thursday. The towns all around us got snow. We got breezes and temps of 18 degrees, and snow flurries that came sideways and didn't stick.

If I'm going to be bankrupting myself running the heater, at least let me have some snow to play in! C'mon!

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