My Happy List


Ok, I admit it- making this week's Happy List is a little difficult. Being sick puts a pallor on everything, and I simply haven't DONE much this week because of it. But it's important to focus on the positive, so here we go:

I am happy because this clearly isn't strep throat. The coughing is becoming quite painful to my chest, back, neck, head, and throat, but at least I can swallow my own saliva. Yay!

I am happy because my friends Ryan and Melissa just had their first baby last night. After 28 hours of labor (yowch), Jaxon Connor Hendriks was born healthy and big, and he's gorgeous. I just sent a box of homemade baby clothes and mobile to them.

I am happy because I am this much closer to my dream of having my own organic veggie garden. Seeds are ordered and shipping, I just need to get the pots and soil and such. And protect them from the cat, while they're inside to escape the frosts. Yay!

I am happy because Scotsman is FINALLY making progress toward improving his credit (something I've been fixated on for 4 months now), thanks to a little cash bump. I always feel better when things are moving forward instead of stagnating.

I think that's about it. I broke down and had a soy latte yesterday (an 8 oz one) and it's been intestinal death for me ever since. I just ate a cadbury creme egg because I haven't had one in years, and my teeth huuuuuurt from all that sugar. I really hope they don't contain dairy or soy. Not my smartest move, eating without checking it first. :(

Enough of my whinging. What are YOU happy about this week?