Pink Swap JOY!

My package arrived today from Mamarazzi's Pinktastic Swaptastic!

(I wasn't having a bad day, but opening this made me giggle and, yes, I bounced in happiness for a good ten minutes)

I already knew Brandy was cool because of these things.

And now that I have received her package I see that she's ALSO a fantastic gifter.

No, seriously.

Brandy, did you talk to Scotsman? Or my mom? Because your taste in gifts, and knowing what I'd love and need is impeccable.

Check this out!

That's an adorable card there! I had a lot of fun picking out stuff for Brandy, too (although I now fear she was way more spot-on about appropriate gifts than I was...but hopefully she enjoys the stuff I sent regardless)

How did she know I was in desperate need of dish towels?? Ours are mostly from Scotsman (meaning they are very secondhand and ratty) as mine got ravaged by rodents a few months ago, and they're drab. These bring brilliant color into our kitchen!

And they even match those cute spatulas! I'm an avid baker (bad for the waistline, good for the soul), and I can never have too many spatulas. Especially adorable ones! I'm gonna use these for baking sweets, to impart an extra dose of love into the process. :)

And the same goes for the potholder! The ones we have are drab brown and boring. This polka dotted one is charming! And it comes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. I guess that means I need to make some heart-shaped cookies! (oh darn)

So Brandy blogged about that Keep Calm and Sew On project posted on Ucreate. I saw it and coveted it right away. It is WILDLY appropriate (being a seamstress who gets easily frustrated by my projects). I pointed it out to Scotsman as one of those "I need this...hint hint" things. And then, because I am unemployed and poor right now, I sighed and said adieu to making it.

And then Brandy sent it to me! Oh my gods, pretty lady, you rock my stripey socks off! I think Scotsman is fired from gift-giving and you are hired. :D
I love love love love it, and have already picked a place for it in my sewing room. (and your timing is perfect, as I am picking up my sewing projects this week and diving back into them). Did you make this one yourself? It. Is. Fabulous.

And lookie what else she got me! Does this woman know my hobbies or what? A notebook for recording my story ideas and lists in (and it's RECYCLED MATERIAL, because she knows I'm a hippie), and a funky pen to do it with! I guess this means no more excuses with my lack of fiction writing lately. ;)

And check out her uber-accurate knowledge of my sweet tooth! The picture doesn't do this justice, but that's a super cute heartsy mug (just the right size for my morning coffee...heeheee) that is dishwasher and microwave safe (because she knows I'm lazy).

And Orbit sugar-free berry flavored gum (how did you know I only chew sugar-free gum, and that Orbit is my favorite brand???). I have to say, I love their commercials but have only tried their mint flavored gum before. This stuff smells like dessert....yum!

And she totally keyed into my lip addiction...not just my joy of kissing, but my obsession with always having something on my lips. This is a shea butter lip balm in berry flavor. It's from a company called One, and is in recycled packaging...and I think was made using green technology. Double bonus!
Yes, I will have fun kissing Scotsman, and he says thanks. :)

And last, but certainly not least, is a cute little reversible drawstring bag (did you make this, Brandy?), filled with pink-wrapped Lindt chocolates! I devoured two before I could stop myself. I've put the rest out in a candy dish, like a good little hostess. :)
Again, you know me SO well! 

I am pretty well floored by how accurate, delightful, and thoughtful your gifts were.
And what's more, that you were able to do that while staying in the Pink theme. 
In fact, your gifts are all charming to me, despite the fact that I dislike the color pink.....YOU have made a color that I dislike into something that brings me joy.

How cool is that?!