A Shout Out to Scotsman

Scotsman and I just spent the weekend hosting his parents, brother, sister-in-law, and rambunctious nine year old nephew. It was a good visit, but we are thoroughly exhausted and pretty darn broke now.

We agreed not to do anything for Valentine's Day (mostly because I don't like the pressure on people to get the stock "red roses, heart-shaped box of chocolates", etc). He made a crack that it was a good thing I don't like all that stuff, since he can't afford to buy it. My response was "I'd rather have something handmade and from the heart anyway. Wildflowers you picked yourself will always trump roses, and a handmade card is fantastic". Because, let's face it, anyone can spend two seconds and grab something at the drug store. But putting time and energy and creativity into MAKING something? That. Is. Love.

So I put the entire Hallmark-ifized holiday out of my head.

And then this morning, I found this waiting for me on the table:

Isn't he amazing? His whole "listening" thing blows me away. Just when I think I've got him figured out, he surprises me with something amazing and utterly perfect. 
I love him so much. :) 

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