The ABCs of EMW

I just heard back from the Tippr folks...they're not interested in me. Ah, well, moving on to better job possibilities! Thanks to everyone for your uplifting comments of support. :D

And thanks to Every Little Thing for alerting me to this meme, which is a great way to pass the time while stuck on the couch job hunting.

@Age - 29. And a half. 

@Bed - Queen. I finally abandoned my narrow single bed a year ago, and haven't looked back since.

@Chore You Hate - Cleaning the toilet. Ick.

@Dogs - None at this point. In the past, Rackkit, Dory, Franny, Aspen (all Guide Dogs in training) and Houdini.

@Essential to Start Your Day - Coffee. One cup (sometimes two) with a little bit of almond milk, along with my morning email and Blogger checking.

@Favorite Color - Any combination of blue and green (i.e. teal)

@Gold or Silver - Silver. I look good in both, but I always lean toward cool tones.

@Height - 5'7". I was predicted at birth to be 5'9", and have always regretted that 2 inch shortage.

@Instrument - I started on piano, but rocked the trumpet for four years. It's the only instrument which I've had a lot of talent in. Then I got braces, and was asked to switch to euphonium for the good for the band (we needed more low brass) and it was a horrible experience in so many ways. I've recently started learning fiddle, which is an instrument I've always loved but been too intimidated to try.

@Job Title - Leach on Society (I'm unemployed right now).

@Kids - None yet. I'd like to have 2, someday.

@Live - I live in Bremerton (near Seattle, WA). I've been in Western Washington for 3 years, and grew up in San Diego, CA. I've lived in Southern Colorado, northern CA, Los Angeles, and VA (for the first 6 months of my life).

@Mom's Name - Val

@Nickname - Beth, Bethy, Bear, Boo-Cat, Izzy.

@Overnight Hospital Stays - None, really. I was in the ER overnight when I had mono (couldn't swallow my own saliva for an entire day....NOT FUN), but that was mostly because I was waiting to be seen for hours. 

@Pet Peeve - People who would rather be ignorant than intelligent, people who use hateful language (for the record, if you say "that's gay" instead of "that sucks" or "what a fag" instead of "what an asshole" in front of me, I will get peeved), people who betray promises, and gossip-mongers.

@Quote from a Movie - I don't really recall movie quotes. Book quotes, sometimes, but my memory is too shoddy to absorb movie and TV lines into permanent memory.

@Righty or Lefty - Righty, ever since preschool forced me to give up being ambidextrous. 

@Siblings - Two older brothers, who thankfully live in the same area. Our family is very close.

@Time You Wake Up - It's variable, with this whole unemployment thing. But Lucy usually wakes me up between 7 and 9am (either demanding to be fed, or throwing up).

@Underwear - Currently, bikini-style green patterned ones with cute little bows that I got at Fredericks of Hollywood. Oh, how I miss Freddy's! 

@Vegetable You Don't Like - Peapods. They squeak against my teeth. I can't stand that.

@What Makes You Run Late - Usually getting lost on the way there. I'm such a Hermes girl- I get lost all the time, which forces me to enjoy the journey.

@X-Rays You've Had - My lungs, repeatedly. My arm. My teeth (of course). My ribs. 

@Yummy Food You Make - 90% of what I make is yummy (I had great teachers). But I'm known in my circles for our family Kahlua Cake. Which, I'm sad to say, Rom has perfected even better than I did. So now I need to be known for something else. ;)

@Zoo Animal - Orca whales, of course. Or, if they don't have marine mammals, the bears are always a favorite. And the lions.

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