I have a philosophy: Major change of life calls for change of hair.

I sheared my hair off and donated it to Locks of Love (which consoles me as it looks horrifically like a chia pet while growing out) in December. We'll call that the "moving in with Scotsman to a far-flung suburb town" change.

Well, with the other changes going on in my lie, I figured something needed to be done.

(dark dark dark)


(aaaaand slightly less dark)

The color is "Honeydip", which sounds ridiculous to me. But it's labeled as a "dark golden blonde", and I've never been a blonde before, so I took a chance. I think it brought some of my natural orange out (ick), but it definitely also lightened the brown. Success!

I think it's also got some bronze tints in it, which I'm torn over. On the one and interesting! On the other....not terribly natural looking! But it works when I tart up (see photo with makeup, above), so who am I to complain?

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