Fat Ass Friday

Previous weight: 173 lbs
Current weight: 171 lbs

Again, I spent all week doing nothing. I've been trying to eat very little (most of the day I'm guzzling tea) to keep from gaining while I do the sick slug thing. Apparently it worked!

I was actually very frustrated yesterday because I thought I had the energy to go walk a mile. Not getting to burn calories and clear my mind is becoming very tiresome. I'm certain that, because this weight loss has been due to eating less despite inactivity, the weight is coming off my muscles, not my fat.

So while I weigh less, I'm pretty sure this means I've lost strength as well.


I did discover that jumping rope makes the house shake. That's not much of an incentive to do it, sadly. But a gal my weight can burn 200 calories jumping rope for 15 minutes. So I want to try it. Without shaking the house down or freaking out the neighbors. :)

I've also been inspired by Brandy's gung-ho in starting a Couch to 5K in addition to Zumba, and signing up for a fun run. Jac got very fit doing marathons, and Christian is dropping weight like crazy doing P90X.