Fat Ass Friday

Previous Weight: 171 lbs.
Current Weight: 173 lbs.

Saturday- I potted all my garden plants. It wasn't a 'workout', but it did involve lots of heavy lifting, carrying, stirring, etc.

Monday- I power walked a mile. I wasn't as exhausted as I'd feared, given that I'm just over my illness, which was nice.

Tuesday- I walked 1 1/2 miles alternating between walking a lap and jogging a lap. I'd love to be able to work up to doing this for 2 and then 3 miles before trying to jog a mile by itself.

Thursday- I jumped rope for 5 minutes and hula hooped for 5 minutes (consecutive). It doesn't sound like much, but I was panting at the end.

Today, I'm going to attend 1-2 hours of ballroom dance. Hopefully.

Obviously, my sudden rapid weight loss has stopped. And reversed. And I haven't worked hard enough this week to merit a drop in weight. That's disappointing, but not surprising considering I really only worked out 2 days this week thus far. I've been trying to eat less, but obviously not succeeding so much. Hrm.

In other, unrelated news, I love when people get frothy-at-the-mouth excited about this tsunami....and yes, you get a one foot tall wave on the beach.
And I'm hoping we get info soon about how we in American can help Japan. Sendai has been shaken, repeatedly, flooded with 23 foot waves, and now burning out of control. My heart goes out to them.