Fat Ass Friday

Previous weight: 173 lbs.
Current weight: 172 lbs.
Can we say boomerang weight?

I am cutting back almost entirely on baked goodies- bread, sweets, pasta, muffins, the whole kit'n'kaboodle. Why? I am hoping not intaking these fillers will help me lose weight more rapidly and concretely. I am also  potentially sensitive or allergic to gluten.

I'm also making a solid commitment to myself, starting this week, to do cardio at least 3 times a week. Whatever doesn't fit into my schedule gets put as a "maybe" (i.e. deep water aerobics), even if I love it. Wogging is my current fixation. So I'm going with that for now.

What is wogging? You walk for some time, then jog for an equal amount of time. Right now, I'm walking 1/8 of a mile, then jogging 1/8 of a mile, back and forth until I hit 2 miles. My eventual goal is to increase the amount that I can jog without walking, and eventually be able to job a mile. Zombie apocalypse survival technique, guys!

Gods willing, I will drop the pounds and inches and get to where I so desperately want to be!

As always, thanks go to Brandy at YDK for not only hosting the linky party, but inspiring me to push myself and stick with it, through her own persistence in Zumba and C25K. You go, girl!