Fat Ass Friday

Previous Weight: 172 lbs
Current Weight: 171 lbs

I confess, I was really hoping that the fat would jump off me and run for the hills with this whole 'no more bready carby things' diet. People had such amazing stories about dropping a dozen pounds in one week when they made the switch. My body? Is a friggin' fat hoarder.

It's okay, belly! There isn't an incoming famine. You can let go now. Seriously. Please go away.

I haven't actually noticed any other change in energy or skin or anything, to accompany this. Maybe next week.

I also only went wogging two days, because I damaged myself. I could have gone a third day, but I'm uber paranoid about knee injuries (previous trauma), so I decided to rest it. I'll do some walking with mi madre this weekend.

I am of course considering myself a massive wussy, because Brandy is wogging AND doing Zumba, 5 days a week. And I have yet to wog THREE days a week. But I lack the awesomeglitteramazeballsjujukarmastrength that she has. It's a fact.