Friday Confessional


I confess...
I tense up when actors on tv or in a movie are driving, and turn to look at their passenger while driving. I want to scream "Eyes on the road!!!" at them. 

I confess...
I have an online crush on a man I've never met. Not a celebrity, but a blogger. It's like being 13 again. Crazy.

I confess...
I'm watching SGU and can't help wondering "why are the girls not jumping Greer's bones" AND "why are the girls not jumping Eli's bones". 

If I was a character on that show, I would train as a medic under TJ and chase after the brooding Greer and the smart and snarky Eli.

Yes, I picture myself as a character on shows, and plan her accordingly.

I confess...
If you are sick and being stoic about it, I will cook for you, baby you, and give you all the sympathy you could use.

If you are sick and whiny and helpless, I will distance myself from you as much as possible in order to keep from snapping at you to grow up and be an adult. 

Unfair? Probably. But it's how I operate.
I confess...
I am about to spend beyond my budget on gardening stuff. I'm actually looking forward to getting wild and crazy with the checkbook. A girl needs to splurge once in a while, ya know, for mental health.

What's YOUR confession?
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