Have you checked out Etsy lately?

I'm digging into Etsy a lot lately. My shop is getting soooo very close to opening, but in the meantime I have been 'window shopping' some of the stores that blog buddies have. I love how individualized and creative you all can be!

Recently, Miss Angie opened her shop "Chaotic Creations". I wanted to tell you all, because she's a bit bashful about what a creative gal she can be!

But check out these goodies (and, as Mamarazzi would say, You. Are. Welcome.)
(I love how this one instantly makes me think Geisha, and would also go perfectly with my Renaissance Venetian courtesan garb...something about the sumptuous color and that pearl accent...)

(How cute are these?! I want a little girl I can dress up, whose hair I can tuck these into!)

And my current favorite:
(These are so unique! Very whimsical, and yet not 'little girl cute'. I could absolutely adorn my short curls with these in a variety of colors, and then of course make a dryad costume to go with them, or pair them with a sundress in the summer. She has several colors of these, and I just can't get over how darling they are!)

And Mamarazzi is hosting a giveaway for THREE winners to pick their favorites off Miss Angie's Etsy store. Wahooo!

The goodies here make me very excited to open my shop. I think that my shop would spend her mornings with Handmade and Lovely, reminiscing about life; her afternoons would be hanging with Chaotic Creations, sipping lattes and dreaming big.