Japan and Nuclear Radiation

Forgive me for getting a little political for a moment here.*

With the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, which damaged two power plants, there has been a lot of chatter about the radiation leaks, government lies, etc etc.

Here is a fantastic article to set the record straight on the facts of that is going on with the power plants, what failed, how and why, and most importantly, what that means.

It is not a fear-mongering or political piece, because I think the worst thing people can do after a tragedy like this is take advantage of the uncertainty to spread panic (Fox News, I'm looking at you).

*As the daughter of a nuclear engineer, I have received some pretty ridiculous questions ("do you glow in the dark?") and some pretty educated questions ("how does the coolant process work?"). I have talked extensively with my father about his work, toured the old nuclear power plant where he worked in CA, and kept myself educated about this source of power generation.

So I get a little rabid about educating people on the truth and consequences of all types of resource harvesting. Especially when I see a lot of misinformation being spread rapidly around the internet, which people often mistake for gospel truth.