My Happy List


My Happy List this week is short, because it's been a very stressful and emotionally upsetting week (and I'm still sick, on top of that). I'm not ready to talk about it yet, and it's nothing life-threatening, but it's put a damper on everything.

I'm happy...
Because my mom rocks. I am currently very low on non-online friends (i.e. the kind you can go out with, or call in the middle of the night). VERY low. My mom is my best friend, and having her to talk/cry to is truly a gift from the gods.

I'm happy...
To have Lucy in my life. As frustrating as she can sometimes be, her cuddling up against or on me and her occasional ridiculous antics truly brighten my day.

I'm happy...
To have finally acquired two blueberry plants, some pots, some soil, and a plan for getting the rest of the garden going. I'm planting rosemary, sage, and lavender today, and the rest sometime next week. I have a fantastic "lunar gardening" calendar from my neighbor, and I'm following that. Mostly. I'm hoping today that I can hit up the big nursery in Poulsbo, and get the rest of the pots, soil, and compost that I need.

What's on YOUR happy list??