My Happy List


It's Saturday, and I'm happy. Tired, but happy.

I'm happy...
Because I found and applied to SEVEN good jobs this week. I usually struggle to find 3. In breaking up with Scotsman, I seem to have gained new freedom in my job search. Yay!

I'm happy...
Because I got to hang out with Singer and Bernina last night. I haven't seen them in almost a year, and I missed them. Singer was, as usual, sewing something fabulous (I swear, she can make gorgeousness in 3 hours without sweating a bit). Bernina cracks me up, every time. I get to spend some time today with them as well. Yay!

I'm happy...
Because I'm rocking and rolling on the beading. My muse has hit, and suddenly I'm making 3 or so pieces of jewelry per night. Yay! I like feeling this creative and productive. Now to bust out some productive sewing as well.
(one of my recent creations)

I'm happy...
Because I'm going to Norwescon. I decided to splurge and go, even though it means no grocery shopping for a week. It's worth it, though, to wear costumes, attend panels, hang out with friends, and generally get my geek on.

I'm happy...
That things are going okay here at Cherry Cottage, despite the breakup. No drama, and both of us are doing a good job of being polite and friendly (although distant as necessary). It gives me hope.
(home sweet home)

I'm happy...
That my blueberry bushes and pak choi seem to be thriving. I'm a little nervous about over-watering everyone else, but those guys are growing happily despite the lack of sunshine this week.
(pak choi sprouts!)

What about you? What's on YOUR happy list?