Teaser Tuesday

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Welcome to Fat Tuesday! Today is the day people in New Orleans (and other places that I don't count) celebrate Mardi Gras. Because, hey, if you have to live without something for a time, why not over-indulge in it the night before?

I'm not Catholic, so Lent holds no meaning to me. And I'm not a huge fan of over-indulging, either (usually makes me sick). However, Fat Tuesday makes me pause and think for a moment.

About my dad, whom I love dearly, who was born in New Orleans and taught me how to pronounce it correctly. (It's Nawlins, Leesianna).
(18 year old me, fishing with Dad)

About Robert John Conrad III (BJ), the 13 year old boy I fell head over heels for during a cruise to Alaska, who grew up there. I have no idea where he is now, and he certainly didn't return my affection, but for some reason I have never forgotten him. He also taught me that you NEVER pick up dropped coins/beads/candy/etc during Mardi Gras because your fingers will get trampled every time.
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About Hurricane Katrina, and the broken situation that is still going on there. The lost lives, property, and history, and the way one act (and one betrayal of care by the government) can change your entire destiny.
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So live it up tonight with King Cake, beignets, crawfish, and gumbo (or jambalaya...mmmmm), show your boobs and earn some beads, masquerade, and have fun.

And in the meantime, Teaser Tuesday rolls on. :)

'If only she knew how much he wanted to please Teresa, Alexander thought. But he said instead, "I think that Sir Anthony might have written the letter to me."'

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