Wait, I Wasn't Dressed For This!

The ever-amusing Raven at Stuperhero Extraordinaire has bestowed upon me a bloggy award. Her exploits with her Drunken Midgets, Sully fantasies, and the rest of life always make me laugh out loud, so I'm very touched to be a part of this award circle.

But this is an interactive award, and the rules are strict. I must share three things that I love about myself, and a pic of myself.
(I need this as a T-shirt. Obviously, it's copyright to someone else)

  1. I love my smile and laugh. There's no way to fake me being happy, and I've been told that my smile lights up a room. I like the concept that my genuine happiness can encourage smiles from other people.
  2. I love my sense of fairness. I'm not happy until the little bit of Libra in me has weighed every consequence and come to a compromise that allows everyone to win equally. In another time, I might have been a revolutionary with my convictions of equality and justice. For now, it just makes me feel like a good person.
  3. I love my new set of balls. Sorry, is that in bad taste? I don't have another word that captures the primal and immediate nature of this sudden empowering urge to not settle for anything less than perfect. I am still learning how to expect and demand total happiness, but it's definitely spurred me to be more decisive in my words.
And a pic of myself that I love! Well, I took one the other night that I have been told is 'sexy' and makes me look very svelte, but I think I'm going to have to default to this one from faire. A professional photog took it, and I've never looked better (even above the cleavage).

(This is my tip machine)

Aaaaand as a part of this award, I get to pick 5 other amazing bloggers who I think deserve recognition. Yay!

Ok, it's difficult to pick 5. So many of you have inspired me in so many ways, and are so consistently amazing. If I listed you and you've already won this award, I apologize. I'll pick a replacement, to be fair. 

  1. Brandy at You Don't Know (she's clever, she's funny, and her total honesty in her struggle to lose weight is inspiring)
  2. Vandy at The Testosterone Three and Me (she's always open and honest, a frequent commenter- which I appreciate- and has great taste in books)
  3. Miss Angie at My So-Called Chaos (she blogs fearlessly, and with a real eye for design; she is the one who inspired me to start blogging)
  4. Ricki at Art @ Home (she's crafty, she's artistic, she's literary, and she's always got something nice to say. Plus, she's Elinor Dashwood!)
  5. Bracey at Handmade and Lovely (with everything that she does I don't know how she finds time to blog, but she's always got something artistic and beautiful going on, and she has a great 'blog voice')
Congrats to the new winners, and thanks again to Raven for making my day a bit special!