What's With the New Look?

I have moved into a Spring state of mind. And although the blossoming trees and grass in real life is setting off my allergies like mad, on my blog it's just pretty.

So what's with the "Sweepstakes Fun" section to the right, there?

I was recently introduced to Instant Cash Sweepstakes via another blog. In all my copious free time, roaming the wild internet, I hop on their site every few hours and fill out quick, quirky multiple-choice surveys (three second type of stuff, nothing terribly involved). And win money for it! Small amounts, at this point, though they have daily drawings for $50, which I hope someday to win. In the meantime, I can supplement my coffee habit there.

And, of course, it's a fun way to kill time and give my consumer opinion and feedback.

I've even made surveys on a whim (earning "coins" gets you entries into mini-drawings for $2, earning "tickets" gets you entries into the $50 drawing). The most fun part of it, for me, is recording video feedback to polls. I'm just that vain. ;)

So there you have it. It's my happy little time waster in between blogging and job hunting. And if you have interest in it, feel free to click on the survey to the right there (it does have a pyramid scheme aspect to it, but I swear I'm not just posting this to be mercenary!).