Fat Ass Friday

Previous weight: 171 lbs
Current weight: 171 lbs

I should be grateful that the mass amounts of eating out that I did over last weekend with my mom did not come back to bite me in the ass. Giving up wheat for a brief period of time did nothing for my weight or digestive system, it only made me cranky.

I wogged twice this week, and am about to this morning. And then I donate blood. That should lower my weight a little, right?

My mom has a fancy electronic scale that is perfectly calibrated (mine is a cheap dial one, so I never know how accurate it is). I tried weighing myself on Monday, once during the day and once before bed. I gained and lost EIGHT FRIGGING POUNDS in one day. WTF is with that??!

I'm trying to determine if I should give up with the job search and join the Navy. The biggest fear I have with that is OCS, especially the physical 'boot camp' side. I can't do push ups. I can only barely jog half a mile at a stretch. And I have this spare tire of flab around my midsection that I am painfully aware of. I'm 29 years old, and about 20 pounds overweight (and I have been that overweight since high school, possibly since puberty).

On the one hand, boot camp would firm me up like nothing else (whether I like it or not)....I'm imagining a flat stomach and no boobs anymore. One the other hand, if I wash out it will be because I end up on the cement in the rain, weeping and exhausted after trying to do 10 push ups or a dozen crunches. Maybe I've seen too many GI Jane type of movies. Hrm.

In other news, even though I have stalled, yet again, with my weight loss, Brandy at You Don't Know is rocking a 15 pound loss. And you can totally see it, especially through her middle. You go, girl!
As frustrated as I am with myself during this, it's heartening to see others succeed through their hard work and persistence.