Friday Confessional


(Although I do have an extensive rehabilitation and release program...)
I confess...
There are some total hotties on OkCupid. But I'm so wrapped up in this job thing that I've only been chatting with the one. I'm just too exhausted and broke to actually date right now.
Oh, and I don't have a nickname for him yet, but he looks like David Arquette.

(can I please live in his pants?)
I confess...
I watched P.S. I Love You, and swooned (yet again) over Gerard Butler. Do all Irishmen come like that? I really need to get my fat butt over there soon!

(why don't you love me anymore??!)
I confess...
The blossoms are falling off my blueberry plant. I don't know why. The leaves seem perky, so maybe this is a natural thing? I feel like a bad mother.

(does this really need a caption?)
I confess...
One almond roca latte and one raspberry scone do not a healthy lunch make. Nor do they get rid of a headache. They are probably part of the reason I haven't lost any weight, though.

(I grew up with this poster on our office wall. This may have something to do with it.)
I confess...
I am considering joining the Navy and going to Officer Candidate School. I am waffling about it right now, a bit afraid of everything involved in the decision (could I survive boot camp? am I too emotional? would I live in fear of sexual assault? is it really equal at all for a woman in the armed forces?). But it would be a steady paycheck and full benefits, with training for a post-Naval civilian career. It sounded like a great suggestion when Mom made it (over drinks) last weekend. But I have a huge fear of failure. 

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