My Favorite Things Swap


Many of you guys know that it's been a very emotional few days for me. My life is undergoing one of those massive clearing-away phases. It's something that is good in that it prepares me for whatever is about to head my way, but it's painful and stressful even so.

I've been so exhausted from this that even though I got my Favorite Things Swap package (hosted by Mamarazzi) from the Mary (who has excellent taste, I must say) yesterday, I did not have the heart to open it.

Instead, during my mad dash this morning, I cracked it open.
And still, I got teary-eyed.

Swaps have this great way of lifting you up, which is why I think I'm addicted to them. And that a total stranger hundreds of miles away can know just what will make me smile is, to me, nothing short of a miracle.

Mary is definitely a creative mama- check out her method of shipping:

She wrapped everything, and then numbered it with corresponding index cards so that each giftie was like a treasure hunt!

(This was where the giggles and misty-eyed-ness started. Partly because it's awesome, and partly because I have to find Lucy a home by the end of the month, and so kitty stuff gets me weepy these days)

See what I mean? Treasure hunt!

Seriously. Anime chibi orcas. WHERE on earth did you find these, Mary?! They are perfect, and I have never seen anything like them. I'm wearing them right now, and everyone who sees me loves them as well. Seriously, they make me giggle. :)

A reusable metal water container (perfect for those hikes I plan on taking once it's summer!) with a very apt label, as I am in fact an optimist whose glass it always half full. Also, Crystal Light packets to flavor my water (yay!) in Cherry Pomegranate....which is two of my favorite fruit flavors!

A shopping list pad. Like Mary, I must also have a neat, legible, organized shopping list, so I tend to do through cute pads like this quickly. 

"Seduction" body mist, from Victoria's Secret. It smells floral and fruity and VERY apropos for Spring. Yay!

"Seduction" hand scrub, Softlips lip balm, and Trident Layers gum...three must-haves for Mary's purse AND mine. We have so much in common! :D

Flip flops! I can't wait for the weather to start behaving so I can slip into these. They'll be perfect for the pool side.

A really pretty smelling large blue room candle. This is sooooo going in my bedroom. I like the ambience it created, too, Mary!

Upside down (gotta challenge you guys somehow!) Hershey's chocolate eggs. I am being very good and not gorging on these right now. (I did gorge on my brother's homemade chocolate chip cookies yesterday, stuffing my face to stem my tears, but today I'm being good)

And a cool blue nail polish and sparkly purple emory board for whipping my toes and fingernails into summer shape! This is so very well timed, as I need an emory board for my purse, and I literally am down to my last two shades of nail polish (pearlescent, and burgundy). Mary says she chose this blue because it reminded her of the color I dyed my hair, back when it was blue....and ya know what, this is pretty much a perfect match!

Alright, maybe I'm just too lazy to try and fix the orientation of these now that I've uploaded them. But here's the icing on the cake, something else that made me grin and get a little weepy. Mary collects keychains from all over the world (I wish I'd known that before I sent my package to her!). She found my this personalized keychain that is perfect. B for Beth, in Green, with a Heart (which is so me) and a Peace sign (honoring my hippy nature). 

And this is me after opening this wonderful box o' love and trying not to cry much.

Thank you so much, Mary. I definitely wasn't expecting this level of awesomeness, both in content and in how appropriate all this stuff is to me. Your favorite things and my favorite things are very, very similar. :)