Sprung over the Spring Swap

(This is very, very late, because my camera broke down...apologies to all!)

I couldn't think of a better title for this post, so sue me.

The other day I got a loverly surprise in the mail. Don't you just love surprise happy mail?

It was from my Spring Swap partner, Bracey! If you haven't checked out Bracey Pate's blog, Handmade and Lovely, you definitely should. She's a pretty savvy and talented young woman- an artist, an architect, a crafter AND a regular blogger. Whew! I had fun just crawling all over her blog when I was paired up with her. For as much as we don't have in common (she's got this redheaded Reese Witherspoon vibe going on; I'm rocking the Rizzo thing), my handmade jewelry would totally love to hang out with her awesome handmade jewelry and learn a few things.

I knew she was going to include something handmade in my package, as I did in hers. But wowzers, I did not anticipate yet ANOTHER swap partner so in tune with the little things that bring me a smile. Right down to color and pattern choices, Bracey is clearly an amazing gift-giver.

Check out my box o' schwag!
(Hummingbird garden seeds, a gorgeous new travel mug for mah coffee, gardening gloves in my color, a handmade keychain fob thingie, and two pairs of awesome handmade earrings)

(I love how vintagey the flower ones are, and the blue hoops dangles just right)

(How did she know I was all out of cute baking cups? This is just the excuse I need to make cuppycakes!)

(Not pictured is the cool blue polka dot reusable bad from Old Navy- Bracy sure knows what I like!- because it's currently in use right now *grin*)

Thanks also to Janna and Liz for hosting this giveaway- you gals did a great job of pairing people!