2011 in Review: In the End

Things revved up even more for me in the final 3 months of 2011. Work picked up, and went well, holidays came in like a tornado, I had good (and painful) experiences with several amazing men, I made some changes in my life, and I got to see amazing things happen in the lives of people I love. Looking back, 2011 was a big year of change!

Considering that part of the positive change was consciously accepting and reveling in each opportunity I found, my theme song is:

I co-hosted the Swapoween with Miss Angie
I crushed on Blue, a bit too much for my own good
I fell in love with Budugalee Cards
I started Diary of a Costume Addict, primarily to chronicle my SteamCon Victorian Eel Outfit

I read a lot
I had a blast with Mamarazzi's Autumn Swap
I started my ritual lazy day weekend with Otaku
I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family
Blue put another slice in my scarred heart
I sent a lot of books to total strangers

I hosted a book giveaway
I jumped back into dating...and was a naughty wench
I learned more about skin care
I got hooked on the British TV show Misfits
I survived Christmas