In 2012...

I hope your weekend is SAFE, fun, and appropriately silly.

In 2012, I will:
+ Learn how to salsa and re-learn how to swing (starting 1/13 at Century Ballroom, with swing in Kirkland and at Lisa's)
+ Sew costumes for Norwescon
+ Sew everyday clothes for myself, especially as I explore my 'style' (at least 1 new piece)
+ Start the P.I.N.K. Method (I'm sure I'll be blogging the hell out of that)
+ Pamper myself a bit more, with doing my nails and getting facials and waxing
+ Read at least 15 books
+ Finish writing my novel with Otaku
+ Continue volunteering at MEOW
+ Enjoy my life to the fullest!

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