Best use of GPS ever

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Did I ever tell you about the time I was lost on the state of Oregon, in the middle of the night, for THREE HOURS? I was literally in the middle of nowhere- roads without signs, no lights, very few houses (and no lights on in those). I called AAA. I called my boyfriend. No one could help me because I had no streets signs to orient where I was. 

It was one of the most frightening nights of my life, not to mention frustrating. (And did I mention this was after a full day music festival so I was also costumed, painted, freezing cold, hungry, needed to pee, and was trying to get back to a campground?)

The 5Star Urgent Responder would have totally saved my butt. 

The GPS-enabled device attaches to your keyring, and you can use it to call 5Star (say, to find out where the heck you are) or 911 (say, if you were in an auto accident and couldn't get to your cell phone). This is a brilliant concept! My only concern would be that I'd "butt-dial" it, so to speak, since the button isn't super hard to get to. So I'd probably clip it to something not going in my pants, then.


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