Fat Ass Friday / PINK Day 5

Previous Weight: 170 (as of last FAF, in November)
Current Weight: 170.5

Yeah, well, I've been 170.5 while on PINK so far. I'm hoping that I'm losing inches. I also know that my body likes stasis, and fights losing weight for a week at a time. I'm modifying my participation on PINK, for my sanity and so that Zao and I can be on the same schedule at the same time. I start the fitness portion of PINK on Jan 23rd.

I better lose some effing weight, before I go insane from lack of lattes!

Favorite meals on the PINK Reset structure thus far include quinoa-and-veggie-stuffed bell peppers, brown rice spaghetti, and spinach-beet-strawberry-banana smoothies. Also, getting to have Chobani as a snack.

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