Fat Ass Friday

Previous Weight: 168
Current Weight: 169
So, apparently my weight is waltzing. Ooooookay.
In other news, I'm still liking the PINK Method. The smoothie is enough to keep me satisfied every morning until 10am or so (when I then have nonfat Greek yogurt, or in the case of today, a birthday donut). I'm also still loving stuffed bell peppers for dinner.

I've set mini-goals along the way, so I can feel better about my back-and-forth progress.

Goal weight: 147 lbs by April 8, 2012
Goal loss: 8.3 lbs per month OR 2 lbs per week

Reward for losing 8+ lbs every month shall be a facial at The Bathery.

Week 1 (Jan 9-15): -1.5 lbs (progress, but didn't reach goal)

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