Friday Confessional


I confess...
I finally came clean to my friends about my addiction to My Little Pony.
Yes, I am a pegasister.
I can't help it. I didn't want to love this show. But the humor is right up my alley, and the creative nods to pop culture are infinitely entertaining.

I confess...
I (finally) called a jerk out on his behavior. It was one of those guys that I briefly dated, was all excited about, etc who used me and betrayed my trust and then ignored me. In this situation in the past, I have always just ignored them and worked to forget about it. But this time, as a PSA, I sent him a very mature email explaining why what he did was wrong and hurt me. Of course, he got all uppity and was filled with excuses and promises, none of which I believe. But it felt really good to finally call someone out on their behavior.

I confess...
I am seeking fashion help from a coworker who has very artistic taste. I need it, desperately. Sweet gal that she is, she's agreed to help me out. Thus far, I'm creating a new look via Pinterest.
Best way to make a shopping list, ever!

I confess...
Between having a 20 minute convo with Smokey yesterday, looking fashionable today, and having two dates this weekend, I feel like the mourning period of commitment-phobic Boysenberry is over, and I'm back in the dating pool. See below.