In Case You Think This Dating Thing Is All Fun & Games...

I have been on dates with about 6 men in the 10 months that I have been single. Here's the breakdown of my (mis)adventures:

A: awesome guy, similar interests, fun and laid-back, gainfully employed. On the second date, he randomly grabbed my boobs (and not in a sexy way), but refused to kiss me at the end of the date. Then he decided that something I'd written in my profile was directly pertinent to him and our situation and of course couldn't apply to me or anything else in my life and sent me a scathing email about it. Then tried to booty call me.

B: sweet, funny, geeky, very intelligent, but a bit lost. And not attracted to me (which is OK, as I wasn't really attracted to him). Still, we had a fun first date, so we made plans for a second date. He cancelled that last-minute, and despite my texting and calling later in the week, he ignored me until I gave up.

C: attractive, funny, adventurous, intelligent. After a fun first date and more emails, he invited me to visit him in his town (an hour and a half away). We had a fun second date where he showed me the town, but didn't make any moves on me (despite splitting a bottle of red wine and flirting all night long). In the middle of the third date, he abruptly announced that we had no chemistry, he wasn't interested in me, and took off at nearly a dead-run. Seriously, he FLED.

D: a friend of a friend, another compatibly geeky, artistic, hilarious man. We had chemistry, and we knew it and exercised it often but in PG-13 format. We went on 3 or 4 dates and everything was going grandly. Then he stopped talking to me (or returning my emails, texts, or calls), although continued to post stupid things on Facebook. To this day he won't talk to me, or provide our mutual friend with any reason for his behavior.

E: fun, attractive, a gentleman, exciting, and talented in certain things. Our first date was a blast. Our second date (which I planned, executed, paid for, etc) was a blast. Our third date was amazing, and there was the promise of more. We exchanged a couple of texts afterward, initiated by myself, in which he professed to liking me and wanting to spend more time together. Then he went silent for two weeks, only to text tonight asking about the name of a bar (literally, no hello, no how are you, just asking for the name of the bar).

F (aka Boysenberry): attractive, mature, fun, funny. We had 5 really delightful dates, and as you guys know, I was seriously twitterpated.
He just called and admitted that he doesn't have romantic feelings for me, and so we're not dating anymore.

This whole one-two punch to the heart thing has got to stop. I know 'nothing ventured, nothing gained', and I've never been able to school my heart into not liking (and trusting) people. I'm just so bloody tired of disappointed hopes and this feeling of heartbreak. It's small, I know, but it still hurts.

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