In Times Like These

You've heard about the SOPA and PIPA acts being run through Congress right now, right?

It's a shotgun-style approach to copyright infringement. Not so bad, for those of us who have been the victims of online piracy. But also horrid for those of us who are infringing on copyrights (which, by the by, is most of us bloggers).

I know you're not a pirate- you're not illegally downloading protected content. You're a good person. But that pic you posted on your meme, from Pinterest or a Google search? Unless you have written permission from its owner that you have rights to it, your putting it on your blog is considered copyright infringement under these acts. And SOPA gives the government the right to shut down you blog permanently with that as its excuse. No warning. No apology. No time to rectify. Just shut down.

What's our alternative? Never post anything that you don't directly own, to anywhere (social media included)? No book reviews, no gorgeous art, no sayings, not even to promote the owner's website or store.

OR you can fight it! Click any or all of the links below to learn more about SOPA, and fight against this blatant override of freedom of speech (and grossly inept way of fighting online piracy):





Or click here to find your local government representative and contact them about how SOPA affects you!