PINK Day 3

I was stricken with massive stomach pains yesterday afternoon and evening. Despite it, I stuck to the diet with fervor (even while seated in my favorite Italian restaurant) and only had a wimpy salad for dinner. And no bread. And no wine. And certainly no sweets.

And then I woke up this morning and weighed a half pound MORE.

I was not well pleased.
I did figure out that I had only 744 calories yesterday (when I should be consuming 1200-1400 per day), which might explain the stomach pains. It was unlike any hunger I've ever known, but I'm also basically eating like a vegetarian right now, so it could have been withdrawals of some sort.

I cheated a bit today, and got to 1300-ish calories. So far, no weird pains or foginess.

If I weigh in tomorrow and weight less, I will be encouraged.
If I weigh the same, I'll keep at it.
If I weigh more, I'll be starting the fitness side of things early, because I can't handle that kind of backward momentum when I'm working so hard.

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