PINK Day 6/7

Saturday I weighed in at 170, a half pound below Friday's weight.
Today I weighed in at 169, a full pound below yesterday's weight.
Maybe the PINK Method is working??

I did cheat last night, because we had Ethiopian food. I don't think I consumed a LOT of food, but of course there's a pancakey part to Ethiopian cuisine that I gladly indulged in. 
If I can make it through the snow today to my lunch date, I will likely cheat a bit again. But not too much, now that I'm seeing progress.

Zao starts PINK tomorrow, so I'm going to have another buddy to help keep me motivated, and to encourage. Yay!

And, by the way, it's snowing:

(That's what I woke up 10:30am it's now even thicker, with nonstop flakes...wahooo!)

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