PINK Method Day 13

Seeing as I'm making zero progress in the weight loss through diet shift department (weighed in again this morning at 169), I decided to start Phase I today.

Phase I consists of 6 days in a row of cardio and strength workouts, coupled with yoga and mat work, and then a day of rest. This happens for 3 weeks, and then you rest (and follow the Reset diet again) for 4 days before beginning the next phase.

The Cardio workout is only 20 minutes, which is nice because about minute 15 I'm sweating and thinking of really cleve insults to hurl at the workout beauty queen before me.

After the Cardio was a yoga mat routine.

I was almost crying.
Part of that was because of the neck ache and headache that whalloped me early into the yoga portion.
But also because I'm inflexible, and my midsection is comprised entirely of Jell-O.

I'll keep at it, until I can get it, but I gave up partway through the 15 minute yoga routine, and just stretched until she did something that looked achievable.

But that being said, my legs know they had a workout. And I expect that after the first 7 days, I will see results with my weight and measurements, if even tiny results.

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