PINK Method Day 2

I started the PINK Method yesterday. I was doing fine until about 2pm, when my mood turned foul, a headache slammed into me, and I got a serious case of Brain Fog. Was that the change in nutrition? The heartbreak haunting me? The lack of sleep?

I have no idea. But I wasn't a very good person.

Today I feel better! I am the exact same weight as yesterday (no surprise there). I also figured out that I had about 10 ounces too little of water yesterday, so that's a major focus today. I currently have three large water canisters on my desk to assist with that.

I also feel like someone ran through my intestines with a pipe cleaner. Is that what they mean when they say "lighter"? Hrm.

I have a blind date tonight, during which I plan on eating salad and trying to pick out whatever I shouldn't be eating, like cheese. Wish me luck!

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