Costume Honey Do List (for myself)

1) Make cobra hood (by April 5)
2) Make Venetian carnival mask (by April 5)
3) Alter existing leather mask (by April 5)
4) Make Viking underdress and apron dress (by May 24)
5) Make camping camicia and feasting camicia (by May 24)
6) Finish Venetian purple dress (by Sept 1)
7) Make Victorian hunting outfit (by Oct 26)
8) Finish Italian wool loose gown (by Jan 11, 2013)
9) Make another court gown (using brocade) (by Jan 11, 2013)
10) Make Victorian day outfit (by Oct 26)

There it is, my top ten costuming tasks for this year. And their deadlines.
March - 4
April - 5 (maybe 4)
May - 6
June - 7
July - 10
August - 9
September - 8

That leaves (theoretically) October, November, and December for making real-life garments. And by then I should be my ideal weight/shape and therefore have the freedom to make those outfits. Yay!

Also on the 'when I have the time' list: River Song costumes, altering/hemming as needed, finishing a few odds and ends, sewing all those corsets I gathered patterns for, doublet Venetian outfit, Worth gown, etc.

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