Me me me!


Thanks to MamarazziQueso and Crazymama for hosting!

{1} What is your go-to color if you paint your nails? Do your toes and fingernails match?
My go-to color for toenails is teal (of course). I'd much rather paint my toes than fingers, as my fingernails start chipping in about 3 hours. I'm very "handsy", so I can't pamper them when painted. And no, I never match my fingers to my toes- what would be the fun in that?!

{2} Have you ever gone for a mani/pedi? How often do you go?
I have, maybe a dozen times in my life. I don't like people touching my feet, and I have all the products to give myself the same treatment, so it's not something I do often.

{3} Do you color your hair? Do you have a salon do it or do you do it yourself?
I let my salon play with my hair. :)
I've been blue, red, black, and everything in between (done myself), but now that I'm in the corporate world I have stuck with my natural browns. Just a few weeks ago, I went blonde, and I'm loving it.

{4} Facials...have you ever had one?
I'm having my first one tonight!

{5} Would you or have you ever done botox?
No. I'm not down with anything that paralyzes any part of me, even briefly. I like my face the way it is.

{6} Beauty knows no pain, do you believe in waxing, electrolisis, eyelash extentions, anti-aging creams, micro-dermabrasion, peels, botox? 
I semi-regularly get my legs waxed, and tonight I'll find out what skin repair stuff I need to start doing. I generally just use common sense and keep my skin moisturized as much as possible. It would be lovely to be wealthy enough to get electrolysis and eyelash extensions and buffs and everything, but I'd rather use my funds for FUN.