Pink Day 31

Weigh-in Sunday: 167.5
Weigh-in Tuesday: 165.5
Weigh-in Wednesday: 163

So I'm doing something right. Yay! 

What am I doing? My body excels at adapting, so I shook things up by walking 7 miles on Monday and 6 miles on Tuesday. I also replaced Monday dinner with a protein shake, and replaced Tuesday lunch with a protein shake (and dinner with a protein bar). This is not a long-term solution, but seems to have succeeded in shaking up my body a bit.

Now the question is, do I forge ahead to Phase II (a more intense workout) starting on Friday, to keep up the dramatic weight loss? Or wait to do that until my weight stabilizes? I haven't been this low since May, so all bets are off in terms of what my body will do now.

In other news, my brilliant ideas are backfiring this week. Is Mercury in retrograde right now? I foresee a lot of facepalms in my future.

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