Visual Virgo is Satisfied

Yet another way to spend my days on the Virgo-friendly fashion! Clipix is one of those sites where you can yoink photos of stuff and "clip" it to boards. I also like to call these "plan the next 20 years of my life in visuals" sites. What is different about clipix? You can share the boards, or hide them, however you wish.

I've gone ahead and made a costume inspiration board for starters, but novel ideas is what I really want to make. I can share them with only my co-author, and thus avoid peanut gallery comments from strangers who don't know what we're doing. Yay!

Don't worry- I'd share all my fun boards with you guys. :)

What would you use Clipix to visually track and organize? Wishlists? To-do lists? Craft ideas? Recipes? Color pallettes? Humor? Planning your future wedding? Whatever you choose, you can also share them on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the obsession!

Check it out!

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