Going Gluten-Free

After two weeks of no flour, in any form, I splurged and had pizza Friday night, and a burger on Saturday. And all day today I've been fighting a migraine, which has kept me from working out, grocery shopping, or getting much of anything done.

In the usual lightening bolt timing, my cousin and I had a nice chat today that happened to focus onto what cutting out gluten has done for him. Hint: amazingly good things that a decade of prescription meds could not.

So, with all this in my head (and ouch, by the way), I am renewing my resolve to cut gluten out of my diet. My hope is to start with this, so that I may indulge in gluten-free baking and whatnot. And if that is not enough, I will take the next step and cut out all flour.

I was inspired by the advice, knowledge, and science that exists, and also by this:

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