Man Candy Monday: Michael Fassbender

It's been awhile! I didn't have time for celebrity crushes....but I ran across an article about Michael Fassbender and he just sounds like an amazing man. And also, hot as hell. Disagree? See below.

David, in Prometheus
Brandon Sullivan, in Shame
Carl Jung, in A Dangerous Method
Erik/Magneto, in X-Men: First Class
Rochester, in Jane Eyre
Lt. Archie Hicox, in Inglorious Basterds
Bobby Sands, in Hunger
Stelios, in 300
And more!

Born in Germany, raised in Ireland, and currently living in London.
Born April 2, 1977
Speaks German fluently
Seriously, watch him in 300, then watch him in Hunger, and see how dedicated this man is to his craft

(plus, he rocks a skinny tie)

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