Tell Me Award!

The fabulous Ducky at BatCrapCrazy just gave me the Tell Me About Yourself Award. Yay awards! Like all those bloggy awards, you have to post 7 things readers might find interesting about you, and then pass the award along to 7 worthy blogs. 

Seriously, is there anything about me you DON'T know??

1. I have read every Jane Austen novel in existence. If I'm going to be ruined for men, it might as well be from good literature. Although I still hold Jane Eyre as my favorite classic.

2. I have a timeline (boyfriends beware!). I want to have 2 kids, 4-5 years apart, and I want to be a wife for a few years before becoming a mother, and I want to be engaged for a year before getting married, and I want to date a while before getting engaged. So if I have my last kid at 41, then my first kid is born when I'm 36, say I get married at 33, that means engaged at 32, I basically need to meet my Prince Charming by the time I turn 31. That's in 5 months and 3 days. 

3. I despise white chocolate. It doesn't involved cacao at all, only sugar, and tastes horrid. If I could, I'd strike it from the planet.

4. I can whistle two ways- through my teeth via tongue, and through my lips via palette. I've been able to do this since I was a little kid.

5. I drink apple cider vinegar diluted in hot water every morning. I am convinced this is what kept me healthy through the cold winter.

6. I had my first crush at age 4 or so, on the youth director at my church. Age difference much?

7. I started a new, second blog for reviewing the meet market/happy hour scene. It's an excuse to get out, make eyes at boys, and drink cheaply. Secretly, I hope someone will pay me to do this.

TAG! If your blog is listed below, you've won the award. Aren't you special? 
Two Bears Farm - Always great posts, and inspiring
Rumtruffle - Crafty crafty crafty! I wish I had her talent
Athena in The Middle - I have a crush....
A Hasty Life - her pics are gorgeous, her posts are fun
Xpresso Reads - She lives on books and coffee. Hey, me too!
Shyablog - This man's creative brain astounds me. As does his hair.
Imagine Gnats - Another creatively inspiring blog

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