Call me Bayda

Despite playing a Venetian courtesan in the SCA (and thus dressing in a lot of sumptuous garb), I decided that I needed a Norse apron dress. This was driven by the need for camping garb that looks good wrinkled and doesn't require a corset...but of course it doesn't hurt that every other HRMs that we have are Norse. I live in An Tir, so about 99% of the populace dresses in Norse.
Plus, I hear it's fairly easy to put together.

Lorenza y Gabriella generously donated some washed silk for the cause (no, it isn't period, but it's an Italian influence!). The colors are that of Christmas, but oh well, I'm gonna rock it anyway.

Also, I purchased lengths of amber for making Norse jewelry, and found my Norse name: Bayda Boonciebhust.

Let the costuming begin!

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