Friday Confessional


I confess...
I'm posting this late because I was slammed all weekend with a family visit. Whoops! Heehee....

I confess...
I took a risk Thursday, and pushed past my comfort zone. I went to a White T-shirt Graffiti party with 100 strangers (mostly single). It was fun, especially after 2 glasses of wine, and everyone was very respectful.
And was rewarded with a fun time, and attention, and great conversations.
And now, I feel totally empowered, not to mention wanted.
Coincidence? I think not!
Ladies, get out there and take chances. Good things will happen.

I confess...
I have FOUR first dates lined up next week. I'm officially insane. But ya know, that could be four fun evenings of good conversation and inspiration and joy and new things. 
Not to mention four excuses for cute outfits, heels, and makeup.

I confess...
This one guy used one of my boobs as a handhold while he wrote on my shirt. Not even trying to be slick- he full out grabbed my breast for over a minute.
My first reaction was to have that moment of "Are you effing kidding me? Is this dude really grabbing my boob?! What a douchecanoe!"...which was all silent, and conveyed to my conversational partner via looks and facial gestures.

I confess...
What I should have done after that moment was to physically move the guy's hand and tell him that's not OK behavior (and he was sober and a Ph.D!). Or just slap him. Because there's no way he didn't realize what he was doing.
Did I do this?
I stood there, rolling my eyes like a moron for over a minute.
And then I felt ashamed and dirty because, really, I just let a nasty jerk violate my body.

I confess...
That's not the first time I've stood there quietly and been physically violated, and had an opportunity to stop it. It's a deer in headlights reaction that I can't seem to get over. And I excused those previous two times as the idiocy of disempowerment of youth. That it happened last night has made me realize that something is very wrong with me to not assert myself.

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