Friday Confessional...on a Monday!

Hey all! I've been super busy with two conventions, crazy workness, costuming like a madwoman, and Valentino (who has become very demanding of attention. ALL. THE. TIME).

And since I had a full weekend of geekdom, I thought I'd make my confessions today to make up for lost time.

I confess...
I saw more bits of male pretty at Emerald City Comic Con than I have ever seen at San Diego Comic Con. Seattle, you win.
I confess...
Some of those bits of pretty were also very talented costumers, artists, writers, and designers. I may have been drooling at one point. Or more than one point. And the Dr Who costumes! All over! *happy*
 (Meet Seth. Seth is a fashion designer, whose love is 60's mod suits. Seth MADE THIS DR WHO COSTUME HIMSELF.)

I confess...
I'm a cheeky tart, and anytime I'm around attractive women who men drool over, I become more so. Not in a "look at me" way, but in a "now this gal and I have common ground, and I shall shove her at the male pretties, or tease her". Is that natural? I'm like a geek hookup madame. Maybe I just respond positively to all pretty things.

I confess...
My first graphic novel was in print this weekend. I may or may not have giggled like a schoolgirl when someone asked me to sign their copy of it. 
No, I definitely giggled like a schoolgirl.
And clapped.
And bounced.
I am so very suave.
(My name in lights! Er, print. Top right, actually. See it larger, here)

I confess...
I'm actually excited for THIS weekend's convention, though it will be a very different atmosphere and role for me. I definitely get high from being around other people.

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