Norse Dress Pt 1

So I have this length of green/red silk, and this length of red/green silk, that were donated to me because they'd been "ruined" by washing. 

And I had this apron dress pattern, courtesy of Ellisif Flakkari and an underdress pattern, courtesy of Vigdis, which is no longer online (*sadface*).
Email me if you want those patterns, by the by, and I'll be happy to send the doc over!

Hard to see, but I chalked the pattern lines onto the fabric, following the guides of the instructions. This is the first time I've sewn without a pattern...gotta love rectangular construction!

The neckhole, which I made WAY too big and now must add more fabric to. 

Arms, literally two pieces sewn on the top, and on the bottom. I don't mind a lot of seams.

Front piece, which is sewn to side pieces, and makes a natural princess-seam. Nifty!

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