What a RAK!

Book Soulmates

What is RAK? Random Acts of Kindness, of course! Book Soulmates hosts this fantastic monthly event. The concept is simple- send the books you no longer want to the folks who really want them. Basically, you sign up, post your wishlist, then peruse others' wishlists and see who is wishing for a book that you have and are done with. Mailing by media mail keeps the cost low, and the karma high.

This month, I got the following from the very generous (and verbavoracious) Michelle at Michelle's Book Blog:

And also, days before I was about to finish Book 1 of the series, the awesome Lethea (who isn't a blogger, but IS a fellow book lover) sent me:

AND the amazing Andrea from The Busy Bibliophile sent me this:

And after re-organizing my book shelves and realizing how many impulse book buys I'm just not keen to read anymore, I decided to make a big month of it, and sent out:

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