Steam Heat - The Plan

I have an opportunity to participate in both a Steampunk photo shoot and a Steampunk festival (in an historic Victorian town) in June, and so I figured I ought to get cracking on my sewing.

I have not yet made a bustle dress- shock, horror - and not yet compiled a cohesive Steampunk costume. I have all the bits and bobs for it...I've just been lazy.

I don't normally sew smart (I skip steps, frequently, I almost never fit until after I've constructed the outfit, and I NEVER make a muslin ahead of time). This is because usually the outfit gets worn once and put away forever...and I don't like to waste time. However, this outfit is gonna be something special, and reusable. So I am breaking my own patterns and making a muslin (a usable muslin, lined and everything, in case it turns out well) first.

My rough, vague thought is to make a sort of Rosie The Riveter in steampunk style- a fitted day top, femme'd men's trousers of the period, and a bustle of some sort. I need to make a new corset, as my old one is now too large, so this outfit concept may change as that chugs along. Eventually, my hope is to have both that outfit (the blue/grey checkered one) and a nice Autumnal walking Victorian outfit (1883, to be exact, in grey and purple plaid wool) for both Victorian and steam events.

Cutting out the pieces took a long-ass time!

I flat-lined the fabric with a (teal) twill for weight. With anything fitted over a corset, you want it heavy enough to lay flat and not wrinkle (which looks like crap AND makes you look like you're slouching).

I made darts, so it will fit my (incredible shrinking) bust! be continued.....

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