Steam Heat - Top Nearly Done

I've been hard at work, sewing this Steampunk outfit. I got the pieces cut out and interlined with twill, the lining cut out and sewn together, and a test run to make sure it will fit over my corset. Sort of.

There's a tail in the back for the bustle that I have yet to construct, which is a yay. The sleeves were a bear, as sleeves always are for me. There is some small curse I am under regarding always making a mistake when sewing sleeves no matter that I do to avoid it (in this case, making the gather on the backside of the sleeve inset instead of the top shoulder area).

A sleeve, lined up with lining

Lining attached at the wrist and pulled through

Tada! Lined sleeve...that is large on me.

After many struggles with the sleeves, it's ready for a final fitting

Looks good! Just needs to be fully lined and the top will be done!

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