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{one} What would be your ideal way to spend Mothers day?
Since I'm not yet a mama myself, I'd like to spend it like any other day. ;)

{two} Which would you rather receive actual gifts or gifts of service?
I'm all about SERVICE! I have never enjoyed having a lot of "stuff", especially given my gypsy approach to life. I'd much prefer a loved one wash the dishes for me, or help me with the garden, or clean the house while I'm at work.

She @ http://she-she-says.blogspot.com wants to know:
{three}How do you juggle it all? How many different "hats" do you wear and how do you accomplish all you have to do?
Lists lists lists! I'm always scared I'll forget important things, so I make lists on Post-It notes all the time. I'm an Employee, Freelance Writer, Costumer, Baker/Cook, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Dancer, Potential Girlfriend, Co-Author, Actress, Cat Owner, Crafter, Musician, and Blogger. Without lists to organize my responsibilities with each of those, and budget my time for each list item, I'd be lost!

Vandy @ http://tttandme.blogspot.com/ wants to know:
{four} What was your "Oh no, I'm turning into my mom" moment?
I was dating a guy with 2 teenagers, and the girl was complaining about not being able to find something in her room. Instinctively, I said "Did you look under your bed? In the closet? Under the stuff piled on your floor?" and when she answered brattily, I asked if she actually picked things up and looked underneath them - which my mom used to say all the time (and which upset me because it implied that I was an idiot...but also, no, I never picked things up and looked under them because I was lazy). I called my mom that night to apologize for every time I ever sassed her.

Natalie @ http://wibblywobblyme.blogspot.com/ wants to know:
{five}What should you be doing right now instead of participating in today's WWTK linky?
Working! Heeheee....I'm flipflopping between work duties and filling this out. Shhhhhh!

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