Books 'n' Bloggers Swap Score

Stacie from Park Avenue was my swap partner, and she rocks! She sent me three books, individually wrapped with notes and handmade bookmarks in each. Aren't these awesome?

#1 A book Stacie loves: She sent Charlotte's Web (one of my childhood favorites, which I also acted in the play version of when I was a kid), especially pointing out the amazing friendships in this book. Which is funny, in a way, because my childhood best friend's name is Staci!

#2 A book Stacie hasn't read: She sent Pretty Little Liars (I am addicted to the TV show, and didn't know they were based on books- fantastic!). She's also addicted to the TV show, so figured the books would be equally amazing.

#3 A book from my wishlist: She sent The Peach Keeper (which is brilliant, since Sarah Addison Allen writes perfect summer reads...and Stacie felt a connection with the setting, and S.A.A. always makes setting a character in her books). I've wanted this one for over a year now, so I'm super excited to finally get to read it...and then likely send it to Stacie to read herself!

Thank you, Stacie! Your choices were brilliant for a number of reasons, and they will definitely be enjoyed. Likely in early July, when I'm vacationing in the woods. :)

Thanks also to my fabulous co-host, Miss Angie, for all of her hard work.

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